Hi, my name is Jayalakshmi .

 Who Am I and where have I come from?

I am a Non-Resident-Chennai-ite (NRC). In fact I have been all over the place. I did my education from Mathura in U.P., graduation from Delhi and Post -graduation from Gwalior. All this time, I met new people and made new friends. Then, for work, I travelled to Chennai where I got married to another NRC like me. We stayed in Chennai for some time and then moved to the UK. That is where I now live with my hubby and son.

I am very fond of eating and trying new things. I am not fussy at all about food – anything vegetarian goes. Because I have travelled places, I love and look forward to the best each place has to offer. Be it Choley bhature from Shankar Mithai wala in Mathura or Chaat  in Sarojini Nagar market, Delhi or  garam imarti at Gwalior – I try and make the best of where I am.

This fondness of eating naturally translated to cooking. Once a hobby, it is now one of the most treasured moments now – Nothing like aromas that fill kitchens, food that satisfies both hunger and heart.

Besides eating and cooking, I love traveling, drawing, painting, crocheting, creating crafts, reading books, reading different blogs on travel, cooking, lifestyle, watching cooking shows like hell’s kitchen, Great British Bake off  – the list goes on and on. Of course, I have my son who keeps me busy with his new and innovative pranks.

Why this blog?

Till date, I have been maintaining a diary with recipes of dishes I loved. Life is all about experimenting  new things. And everyone else seems to put blogging to such good use. Hence this experiment where I can give all my recipes a new lease of life by making them travel from a dairy page to computers, mobile phones, IPads worldwide.

One warning though – I am not yet very good with food photography – till I get good at it,  please bear with me. Hope you all like the recipes . And when you also cook and enjoy these recipes, we can all say together – “Meal is ready !!”


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